Sunday, 28 November 2010

Industry Exercises-Day 5

Hey guys, well here it is the final design for Billy the Goth, and the final drawing that I shall make into a model in Maya, which is why I have a model sheet. This is the final drawing mainly because in my mind this is what he should look like. He should be a blonde haired goth because I just thought that idea would be a bit different and the fact that it shows that he hates people but loves insects more shows on his shirt and his face as well with that spider tattoo on his right cheek. It's based on two early designs, one is the favourite one of mine which was the one where he's blonde and has weird eyes and the one where he wore a sleeveless shirt saying 'I hate people' which was a favourite of everyones, and mine as well. But this is the final drawing I shall get back to you when I finally start building the model. Till then see ya later.



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