Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Animan Kingdom: Introduction and Origins


Hey guys this is Gabriel Boyle here to talk to you about a very special project that I've been working on for a pretty long time now, and as you read in my biography, I mentioned at one point that I was planning to write a fantasy book series. I'm very excited now to tell all of you what it finally is, a thirteen book adventure series entitled; "The Animan Kingdom". What you'll find in this blog are story notes and character design and concepts to give you all a taste of this new exciting fantasy epic, that takes place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures, dragons and us humans do not exist.

First of all before I explain the story, I'll tell all of you where the idea came from. It originated about four years ago when I was at Westminster Kingsway College doing my studies for animation when I really wanted in my own personal time write a fantasy book trilogy or series. Because when it comes to fantasy I am an absolute hardcore fan, I love Tolkien and love stories like the 'Arthurian' legend, or the 'Narnia' stories, the "Harry Potter" books and movies also "World of Warcraft" but only the comic books not the game and obviously I'm a massive I mean massive "Star Wars" fan even though most people see that as sci-fi, which I'm also a fan of, oh I also forgot to mention "Halo" but not the game just the comics and the artwork for it. So I really wanted to do something like that so I began developing a story which was just a typical fantasy tale with elves, wizards and dragons etc. While I was doing that I was also working on another thing of my own for a college project which had these anthropomorphic characters who were superheroes (again massive fan of, I mean who isn't?), who came from another planet and protected planet earth from monsters and loads of bad guys. Then one day I had the idea of combining the two together and discovering that maybe I could make a story that nobody in my mind had read before, so I was so excited about this idea. I began developing it, making a few stories until I nearly came to the point of just letting it go. It was then though that I saw some artwork on the internet and it was the artwork for the anthropomorphic characters and creatures that you see on my personal bog if you follow it. It was then I was beginning to write a new kind of story that had the characters that I thought of at the very beginning but putting a whole new different look onto it, a more sci-fi look to it and making it a bit more realistic and use both modern and fantasy and make it a bit more sexy as well and that is the final story which you're gonna read a brief draft of in the next report, till then see ya.

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