Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Hey guys, had another subject which I didn't get to talk to you guys about and it's entitled Enterprise and Entrepreneurship or E + E for short. What me and few friends of mine are doing is a presentation of how to sell something for a business company so kind of like "Dragon's Den". I know it doesn't have anything to do with animation itself but I suppose it's good practise to sell I guess an animation project. Anyway here is what we're trying to sell. We're trying to sell an interactive programme called Brainient to Cadburys Chocolate. My job is to show how we're going to do through the internet which people think is the best way to sell a product. So anyway here's what I've got in mind and that I'll be presenting to everyone on my course on Thursday is this;

Basically Cadburys are celebrating this year their 20th anniversary for Cadbury World. We thought that that would be an excellent opportunity to use Brainient as a well to sell Cadbury's chocolate. We take websites of sponsors to Cadbury world and we place a link onto the top page so when we people go on the websites for let's say Sea Life Centre, Warwick Castle family themed events, they can check out this excellent option that will sell Cadbury's chocolate and hopefully it can get them excited for the 20th anniversary for Cadbury World.

So that's pretty much it, I'll tell you guys how the presentation goes in the next few days and until then, take care.

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