Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Digital Environments-Day 9

Hey guys, this is day number nine, but I'm sure you already know that from the title above. Forgive there but today I have to take on a whole new task and am a little bit dreading it. I was going and still am going to do environmental animation I think, but still nothing has been done and we need to get this project done for good and from the sound of our leader Gary.... fast! So that means I can't wait to do my environmental animation and I have to do something now. I have to do some proper animation and that's something I am dreading and have not been prepared for, but Gary needs me to do it and I really have to do to get it done and that means I now have to put my skills to the test and really create a worthy good piece of animation. So wish me luck, what I will have in this report is the model I have to animate of a lioness and also a few videos of actual lionesses to get the feel. Soon I'll get back to you when I have done the final product. See ya later.

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