Thursday, 19 May 2011

Inspirations Pt 13

Here's another piece of inspiration for my World War One project and I should probably tell you before I show you I am a massive Blackadder fan. But my favourite season is definitely the fourth season which was set in the trenches of World War One and my all time favourite moment and one of the greatest endings to a television series of all time is the moment where Blackadder and his troops go over the top into No Man's Land. This scene just so utterly moves me because Blackadder being a comedy show has alot of silly things going but in this series even though there's alot of silliness it still has a really serious edge to it because it was a very real situation that the characters were in, they were in the trenches waiting to attack and being scared of the fact that they may die. And then there's the final moment where they go to engage the enemy in battle and all the silliness goes away and it becomes really sad. I'm sure for those of you who are Blackadder fans and those who aren't, this really is a trully magnificent ending and a real inspiration to me.

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