Saturday, 9 July 2011

"The Hobbit" Production Diary *2

Hey guys, now we're taking another look at the making of "The Hobbit". As you may remember Peter Jackson who has returned to direct the incredible world of Middle Earth to bring to the screen the prequel to three of the most successful films of all time. And he gave us the first ever production diary into the exciting look behind the scenes and now after a long wait here is the second production diary. For those of you who are avid Tolkien fans like me, this one is a sheer wonder for you because you get to see Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins for the first time in costume, make-up and wig and him on his knees talking to Lord Elrond (played once again by Hugo Weaving) in Rivendell. And you also see Andy Serkis doing the first ever performance capture for Gollum in one of the most memorable scenes in the book, where before Bilbo (who accidently stumbles into Gollum's cave) meets and plays a game of riddles with him, finds a very special ring. Here's the diary where you not only get to see Peter Jackson and Andy Serkis (who is not only playing Gollum but also serving as second unit director) but also have a chance to some of the cast and crew talking about what they're going to do in their breaks from shooting the film. Also you even see Peter Jackson and his crew doing location scouting in the beautiful lands of New Zealand which once again portrays Middle Earth. Right I'll shut up and let you enjoy this second production diary and get even more excited about the film, which we've all been waiting for for a very long time.

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