Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Character Design Job Applications

Hey guys what I'm gonna talk about today in this post is a little about the industry that I'm interested in going into after I leave college and that's Character Design. What I have here are a list of job applications that I found from the internet and they of course what they want out of their applicants. Underneath I will explain about how I compare myself to that and what people can expect from me. This is very important to put up because it reminds me what I want to achieve in my life and it's important to my tutor Jared mostly, so he knows what I really hope to accomplish.

So here we go this is the first application from ifreelance.com on 'Character Concepts'. This is the job description.

'Hi I need some one to create Character Concepts for my own personal Characters.  I Lack the artistic skill to give my characters that professional look.  What I need someone to do is to take my characters I have drawn and to edit them and give them that finished apperance to them and in some cases I have no concepts for them so I will describe the character and rely on someone to create the character based on my description.  There is 50 Character concepts I would like done in full color and I will like to work around 10 dollars per character so the total project cost would be 500.  The payment method will be simple, You send me a group of 5 concepts and i will fund you 10 dollars for each concept so I will send you 50 dollars in total.  I plan on staring this project the first of january but I may start sooner.'

What this guy is talking about is that he needs someone who can draw what he has in mind. I am so down for that. Mostly I do draw characters of my own but I'm so interested in drawing other people's ideas. I am of course capable of listening which is what he talks about here however he doesn't mention what tools will be required (i.e photoshop, illustrator, flash etc.), I guess he just wants you to just do whatever you think is better in designing a character. I can of course use photoshop and flash but I lack knowing everything about it. I only know some of the easier stuff, whereas you need to raise you game particularly if you're going to be working with other people. So that's really what I've got to learn and that is to learn the entire process of photoshop, illustrator and flash, if of course that's what this guy wants from you.

Okay here's the next one from odesk.com.

Job Description

I have lost a file and need a character re-created. I have a picture of the file and just need it traced and rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Needs to be separated into layers for separate sections (ie, face, torso, arms, legs, feet). Basic enough for an experienced Illustrator user.

Deadline for this work would be 24 hours, please only apply if you are able to meet this target.

I will send the image before hiring to make sure you can replicate it.

Skills Required:

Again what this asks of you is to be an expert in illustrator which I know I can learn to be as I said up above and I would totally be cool with the deadline. Although before I have been not so good with keeping up with the deadline, but hey I know I can do better and I would never leave something like this to last minute.

Finally there's this description from odesk.com.

Job Description

Must be able to replicate characters style and look and create a Model sheet to include:

Front view
Side View
3/4 View
3/4 under
3/4 top

Must be able to start now.
If the character is vastly different to what we asked for the conractor will not be awarded payments.

Serious project, needs a good eye for replicating a characters facial structure into different poses/views.

Skills Required:

Now this I can do with no problem.

I now that there is one thing I forgot to mention and that's what kind of company I would like to work that specialise in character designing, but not just character designing but also creature designing and company that has worked on so many huge movies such as "Clash of the Titans", "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief", "The Vampire's Assistant", "The Incredible Hulk", "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", "30 Days of Night" and only just recently they have worked on Zack Snyder's latest movie "Sucker Punch". They of course are the kind of studio that I would love to go and work for and if take those skills from those descriptions up above on board then it looks like I'm all set. 

So there you go hope you think I may have what it takes and until my next blog, take care. 

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